Are you relying on the Yellow Pages and ‘request a quote’ websites for your leads?

If you are, then you’re probably competing against other builders on price.

Which means you’re working on low margins and dealing with problem clients.

Imagine if you could generate your own leads every month on demand, just like switching on a tap.

Right now, over 86% of consumers are using the internet to find a local business (Source: WebVisible).

So if your building company is not appearing in their search, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.

Instead of wasting money on advertising that no one sees like the Yellow Pages...

Or printed advertising in magazines that is hit and miss…

Or relying on referrals for your leads which limits your ability to grow…

You need to use an advertising channel that is proven to work and is measurable and scalable.

Something that enables you to advertise directly to people who are looking for a builder right now.

You need to be using Google Adwords to advertise your building company.

Every residential builder already knows they should being doing this, however, most builders simply don’t know where to start.

So that’s why we created the Google Adwords Fast Start online course so you can start advertising to consumers who are looking for a builder right now on the internet.

We’ve mapped everything out for you, all you need to do is follow the step-by-step Action Plan in order to start advertising.

You can even download a swipe file of adverts that we’ve tested for residential building companies just like yours, so you can simply copy what is already working in the industry!

So, here’s what you get inside the Google AdWords Fast Start for builders:

  • A downloadable weekly ad checklist so you can optimise your campaigns for lower costs.
  • A downloadable Adwords KPI spreadsheet so you can measure your results and establish the exact cost per lead.
  • A downloadable swipe file of the best Adwords ads we’ve tested so you can copy what’s working in the industry.
  • How-to videos that take you through the entire process of creating your Google Adwords account.
  • A mini exam to test your knowledge at the end of the course so you can be sure you’ve understood everything.
  • A complete recording of the Association Of Professional Builders coaching call that took our members through the course and answered all their questions. This is your chance to take a look behind the curtain of the leading coaching company in the construction industry.
  • Lifetime access to the Google Adwords Fast Start Action Plan so you’ll be able to refer back for years to come and share the course with your team members.
  • A welcome and orientation call from an APB construction coach to help you to get started instantly and ensure you receive maximum value from your investment.

The truth is, if you do not know how much to spend on advertising your building company then you need this Action Plan because we’ll show exactly what to do and how much you can afford to invest in ‘buying’ new leads.

You’ll be able to eliminate confusion and overwhelm by following a step-by-step process that gets you excited about your building company.

And you’ll be generating your own leads every month on demand without relying on referrals or ‘request a quote’ websites.

You’ll start receiving enquiries from hot prospects looking for a builder rather than waiting for the phone to ring or calling prospects that are already speaking to 3 other builders.

And you’ll have the opportunity to become a leading building company by positioning your company at the top of google rather than being ‘just another builder’ in the Yellow Pages.

Best of all, you can measure every dollar you spend on advertising rather than wasting money on strategies that don’t work.

You don’t even need to know how to out an advert together, because we provide you with the exact copy you need to include in your adverts!

Which means you’ll be creating a steady flow of leads for your building company that you can turn on and off as you need!

And there’s no risk to you, if you’re not 100% happy with this Action Plan then simply let us know within 30 days and I will personally issue an instant refund for you.

You can even keep the templates you’ve downloaded with our compliments.

The truth is, if you are not 100% happy, we do not want to take your money so go ahead, enrol in the Google AdWords Fast Start Action Plan for builders today so you can stop wasting money on advertising that does not work and start measuring every dollar you spend on every lead you generate.

So go ahead, click on the link below to get started and instantly access the Google AdWords Fast Start Action Plan for builders now.

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