Construction Financials Benchmarks

Key Numbers You Can Use To Benchmark Your Building Company Against Industry Standards On A Monthly Basis.

"That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially."

- Karl Pearson

Do you know how much mark up you should be adding to your jobs? How do you know what is a good and fair net profit? And how can you know what numbers really tell you the pulse of your building company? It's a common question among building company owners however there is a solution. It's all about knowing the industry benchmarks. That's why we created the Construction Financials Benchmarks Action Plan for builders. When you have it, you’ll discover the key numbers you can use to benchmark your building company against industry standards on a monthly basis.

And that’s why we created a coaching program for members of the Association of Professional Builders covering the key numbers you can use to benchmark your building company against industry standards on a monthly basis.

When you have it you'll discover...

  • how to go from low margins and no retained profit in the business, to running a successful building company like the top 2%
  • how to avoid working for wages and take control of your residential building company
  • understand the weaknesses in your building company by comparing these 12 KPIs against the industry benchmarks
  • what 74% of builders are doing to hit their financial targets
  • the #1 thing you must do BEFORE you increase revenue
  • [Case Study] How a building company grew too quickly and failed in the hands of a top business coach because they didn’t understand these key metrics.

"I appreciated how the course really went into detail about the difference between margin and markup. It's always a good reminder."

- Phil Whitbeck, Whitbeck Building & Design, United States

"Confirmed where I was sitting with other members and gave me confidence in my benchmarks."

- Matt Boycon, ACP Builders, Australia

"The course really helped me identify what I'm missing."

- Bryce Rowland, Belo Homes, United States

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"It's Like Netflix For Builders"

As well as the course covering the key numbers you can use to benchmark your building company against industry standards on a monthly basis, you also get instant access to all of these great courses when you become a member of the Association of Professional Builders.

"74% of businesses that monitor KPIs hit all their growth targets."
- Chartered Management Institute

When it comes to Construction Financials Benchmarks, you have two options.

Option one is to spend hours of your valuable time trying to figure out what works through trial and error...

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Andy Skarda
Andy Skarda

Andy is APB's Head Coach. He heads up the coaching team and works exclusively with owners of residential building companies that are looking to fast-track their results.