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How To Advertise To People Who Are Looking For A Builder Right Now Using Google Ads.

"Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone." - KB Marketing Agency

Are you wondering where you need to advertise to bring the hottest prospects to your building company?

If you're sick of sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring or you're wasting time with prospects that are just using you as a price check, then you're not alone.

A lot of home builders aren't aware of the online secret weapon for generating a steady flow of qualified leads.

Or if they do, they don't have a strategy to really get the most out of the platform.

That's why we created a coaching program for members of the Association of Professional Builders covering how to generate leads with Google Ads.

When you have it you'll discover...

  • How to create a steady flow of qualified leads who are actually looking for a builder right NOW.
  • Avoid waiting for the phone to ring by getting your building company in front of the right people.
  • Ensure you're always at the top whenever someone in your area is searching for a builder within your niche.
  • Make the most out of every advertising dollar you spend with a strategy that actually works.
  • How to measure and optimise your Google Ads in order to get the best bang for your buck.
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" I know nothing about Google Ads so this has been a terrific first look, but it was also specific enough to generate knowledgeable questions going forward."

- Richard Melius, Strong Wood Carolina Log Homes, United States

"It was very informative and clear."

- David Partridge, Peartree Homes, United States.

"I like the walk-through of each step of the Google Ads process."

- Brittany Beauchene, The Home Authority, United States.

"It's Like Netflix For Builders"

As well as the course covering how to advertise to people who are looking for a builder right now using Google Ads, you also get instant access to all of these great courses when you become a member of the Association of Professional Builders.

"Paid search advertising converts up to 50% better than free organic traffic."
- Frontier Marketing

When it comes to using Google Ads to advertise to people who are looking for a builder right now, you have two options.

Option one is to spend hours of your valuable time trying to figure out what works through trial and error...

Alternatively you can take the easy option and follow a step by step guide with downloadable templates for less money than it costs most builders to acquire a single lead!

And you have a money-back guarantee so there is no risk to you whatsoever!

You can go through the course at your own speed and ask questions from inside the portal.

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Sky Kolade
Sky Kolade

Business Operations Specialist & Co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders.

Sky takes complex business strategies and converts them into actionable step-by-step guides for building company owners.

Sky currently coaches over 600 custom home builders in five countries.