[SUPERSEDED] Recruitment Process For New Team Members

How To Recruit A Superstar And Avoid Employing An Expensive Mistake That Kills Morale.

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Hiring the wrong people can lead to expensive mistakes.

It can also cost you time and damage the morale within your existing team.

Sooner or later they’ll either leave or end up having to be sacked, which results in you having to repeat the ENTIRE recruitment process all over again.

And that's why we created a mini training program for custom home builders called Recruitment Process For New Team Members.

When you have it you’ll discover...

  • How to identify a superstar.
  • Avoid wasting time on dummies quickly (By a simple qualifier in their initial application).
  • Enjoy more time by employing the right people in the right order. (Systemise and have a process for delegation).

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When it comes to recruiting new team members you have 2 options.

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